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But here we go... I was tagged a while ago by :iconcarolinamgfidalgo:


1) You must post these rules. 
2) Share 10 facts about yourself.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag. 
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal.
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that".  
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments. (But if you're lazy, I suppose you can just comment...)

Facts about me:
1) I talk a lot, and I often interrupt other people mindlessly, not that I mean to ;3;
2) I hate people who are too egocentric
3) My music tastes from cute anime/manga style to really horrible soft metal and horror songs
4) I'm a noob at videogames even though I'm obsessed with them XD
5) I hate being interrupted when I'm drawing, writing, reading or doing stuff in the pc
6) I love salty things but I'm very picky about sweet food
7) Whenever I'm scared, I yelp loudly and it's really silly and embarassing
8) I have two older sisters and an older brother (which means I'm the youngest...)
9) The amount of drawings I've made in my lifetime are heavier put together than my own weight (Probably)
10) I hate tags and tagging other people because I feel like I'm nagging them

Now, the questions:
1) How old are you?
I'm 14.
2) What you like more anime or manga?
Depends on the anime and the manga.
3) What is your favourite tv show/anime/manga?
My favourite tv show is Sherlock BBC; My favourite anime is Mekakucity Actors and my favourite manga is BLEACH
4) Who is the most important person in your life?
My siblings, my friends and my parents. So yeah. Persons.
5) Do you have pets?
I had a Golden Retriever and a few goldfishes when I was younger, but I don't have any at the present time.
6) What is your favourite couple?
7) What is your favourite type of music?
Japanese music and Indie/Folk western music.
8) What you think that are your better qualities?
Being honest with people and being mature for my age.
9) What is your dream?
Visit Japan and become an animator there.
10) Are you in love?
Specify what you mean being in love, because if it's like a crush, I don't have any. Although, I do have many celebrity crushes and some fandoms that have completely taken over my soul.

My questions:
1) How old are you?
2) Do you like videogames? If so, what is your favourite?
3) What is your favourite couple? If you have none, tell me your celebrity crush.
4) What countries would you like to visit someday?
5) Do you like horror movies/games/books?
6) Do you like this tag questions or whatever? Because I don't.
7) City or country? Which do you prefer?
8) Are you scared of insects or do you handle them LIKE A BOSS?
9) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If you don't feel like answering, or have none, you can shout whatever you want!
10) Now, seriously, if I tagged you and you're feeling forced to do this, you don't have to, okay?

I tag (If you don't want to do it, don't)

Sooo, yeah... Actress Out...Takane Enemoto (Smug) [V10] 
We are ASSASSINS by HeadPhoneActress12
GOD! This took me so long *-* But I'm so proud of what I've done!:iconhandspazzplz:
Like I did in two days, and some drawings have taken longer!! Also it's the first time I've drawn Aveline, Edward, Altair and Adewale 0-0 I should probably draw more AC characters apart from Ezio, Leo and Cesare (I really want to draw Yusuf, but he's too difficult ;3; )
Well, I'm back from vacation, and so school begins! This year is going to be harder on me: I'll have to study more because I'm gonna have finals... Dammit, I don't want to... :iconimdoneplz:
Anyways, I hope you like it! I sure as hell worked hard on it!
Actress Out!!Seto Kousuke (Yo) [V4] 
Hey, my headphonies!! Sorry about the inactivity: I'm on vacation and feeling so unmotivated to draw that I've never submitted anything to check on you guys. Plus, my PC is officially sick, and I can't use the internet because it's extremely slow. And since I could only use my dad's tablet once in a while, I kinda forgot to check in here... I apologize, everyone. I should have warned.
But that doesn't mean I'm completely lost: I've drawn and written a bit these few weeks, and I plan to post fanart any time soon. Now I'm using my brother's mac, and things have been easier for me. I've finally cleaned my inbox filled with messages, and without further a do, let's dive into the past to know my dA story!! ^^

I've known deviantart ever since I got my first laptop, although I only searched for art of Naruto, Sonic and KH back then. When I finally decided to make an account, it didn't work that well, and I ended up deactivating that previous account of mine. A year later, however, still interested in the website, I made a new account, with the name I had based on one of my favorite kagerou project songs: HeadphoneActor! That name was already taken, so I put HeadphoneActress12, twelve being the age I had at the time. I knew some artists already, so I watched them, slowly finding out more about dA.
And then, one fateful day, my mother gave me watercolor for me to paint my drawings with, and I tried it almost immediately. This is what came out of it.alone by HeadPhoneActress12
My first submission and watercolor painting. Now that I look at it, it's kinda bad XD But it sure didn't seem like back then... Experimenting with watercolors and finding out features in dA, games and new artists... It was the beginning of it all, of this account you guys support and like.
Thank you, Jack by HeadPhoneActress12Harry Potter: The Philosopher's Stone by HeadPhoneActress12BRS: Strenght by HeadPhoneActress12A connection by HeadPhoneActress12Loving Sunlights by HeadPhoneActress12Daddy is tired by HeadPhoneActress12I'm home by HeadPhoneActress12He's a bang by HeadPhoneActress12

Either they were traditional... Drawing the things I loved most at the time... (POTC, Harry Potter, Anime, Vocaloid)
Random by HeadPhoneActress12Kagamine Rin: Daughter of Evil by HeadPhoneActress12Kagamine Len: Servant of Evil by HeadPhoneActress12Spirit Day by HeadPhoneActress12What the... by HeadPhoneActress12SPOILER: The true truth by HeadPhoneActress12
Or just me fooling around in other things...
It was what I did mostly. Even though those traditional drawings were based on other drawings I'd seen with different characters, It didn't matter if I got few comments or favorites. Anything would suffice and make my day.
And then I met :icondragonmary99: and :iconlps100:, two of my real life best friends. They didn't draw as well as I did, but neither did I compared to others. They drew different, but they understood me. And that mattered. Mary liked anime, like me, and I eventually introduced her to a lot of things (Like Vocaloid, the only thing she's more obsessed about xD) But most importantly, dA. Both her and LPS (who already knew about it) eventually joined in, and I saw both their styles get better, as we exchanged matters here and there. I felt more apart of this community, I felt more responsible of my account. But eventually, the things I would draw would slighty change. 

In the last months of 2012, I discovered Pewdiepie from one of my real life friends, :iconmamatcha-mochi:, who shared my likes of Eddsworld and Harry Potter. And this swedish youtuber was a new window in my life. Learning more about his bro army, I showed him to every friend of mine that did not know, and my contents slowly started to change:
Chair Mode Pewdie! Chair Mode! by HeadPhoneActress12JUST DON'T KILL MEE!!! by HeadPhoneActress12
Although I still had some shreds of my POTC geekiness and gifts for my friends, I began to dive into the world of youtube gaming through Pewdiepie and his hilarious adventures through all of these horror games. Finding out about Stephano, Piggeh, Mr. Chair, Barrels, Cry and every colorful character he met or made up with his jokes and high screams.

Happy Valentine's day! by HeadPhoneActress12Pewdie Sketch: SlendyCoo on a Canoe by HeadPhoneActress12Pewdie and Cry in Cry of Fear by HeadPhoneActress12Amnesia Characters 1 by HeadPhoneActress12Where the hell is Stephano? by HeadPhoneActress12Cry,Cry everywhere! by HeadPhoneActress12

Learning about RPG horror games like Yume Nikki, Misao, Mad Father and Ib thanks to both Pewds and Cry...
Say cheese! by HeadPhoneActress1220 Years Later by HeadPhoneActress12Yume Nikki Sketches by HeadPhoneActress12World of Dreams by HeadPhoneActress12

Being a big fan of manga and comics, I tried to give it a shot and I came up one of my most successful comics:

Ib:You and me Rendezvous Part 1 Page 2 by HeadPhoneActress12

Ib: You and me, Rendezvous. And yes, I know I never finished it, and that EVERYONE was itching for me to continue it, but I just got too lazy to do it. But to anyone out there waiting for it, I tell you: I will promise to remake it and finish it for good. I love the story, and I am so happy to have had the courage to actually draw it. I'm not saying this year, but definitely not that far away. ^^
With some anime, vocaloid and Kagerou Project temporary phases, time passed, when I came across with a series called Once upon a time, and I fell in love in a couple in special.
What the hell just happened? by HeadPhoneActress12I hope you'll find him by HeadPhoneActress12My heart was empty, but you filled it up by HeadPhoneActress12My love for you knows no bounds by HeadPhoneActress12Inside our little world by HeadPhoneActress12
Rumbelle. It practically destroyed my life XD It was the main cause of me not drawing much of my Ib doujinshi. It had been the first time I had drawn so much of one couple, and I really owe it, because it was the first step of trying to evolve a less mangaish style. But, eventually I got over them too. 
Madness is a place by HeadPhoneActress12KAGEPURO meets Pewdiepie by HeadPhoneActress12Happy Birthday, Gumi! by HeadPhoneActress12HTF -The kleptomaniacs by HeadPhoneActress12
With a bit of a randomness phase of anime and finding out new games thanks to Pewdiepie, my knowledge about gaming became even more extent as my style was starting to change bit by bit.
It's okay now, baby girl by HeadPhoneActress12You foolish, stupid girl by HeadPhoneActress12Authority must be obeyed by HeadPhoneActress12You can't escape, Alice by HeadPhoneActress12
Alice: Madness Returns and The Last of Us, two of Pewds's vast story series, quickly became my favorite games. But then I was swallowed in the world of BLEACH, obsessing about the vizards mostly, while I got my first indian ink bottle and began experimenting with it.
BLEACH OTPs by HeadPhoneActress12Training with China Ink 1 Kuchiki Rukia by HeadPhoneActress12Uh-oh by HeadPhoneActress12

In the summer vacation of 2013, I started reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I had already seen the movies, but the book made me want to watch it again. And that's how my undying love for Boromir and Faramir started. 
None of us should wander alone by HeadPhoneActress12Warming Hobbits by HeadPhoneActress12Brotherhood by HeadPhoneActress12Don't cry, little brother by HeadPhoneActress12We could have been together in the end by HeadPhoneActress12

And around that time, I also began using tumblr far more often, and my blog quickly turned into a LOTR/The Hobbit blog. Searching through all the fan art I could find, I came across :iconpabuttego:, who became one of my absolute favorite web artists. Not only that, she was a huge inspiration, as most of my LOTR drawings were based on what she did. Thanks to her, I also learned how to draw men even better, because up until then, they all look skinny and not burly at all.
Chubby Tummy is for poking, Kili by HeadPhoneActress12Going on a diet, brother? by HeadPhoneActress12What happened last night by HeadPhoneActress12
I've mentioned her in some of my art ^^ She's also the one responsible for me starting to ship Durincest XD (KiliFili)
Anyway, moving on, it was also around that time I started to use coloured pencils with the watercolors, mostly because I couldn't make skin color with watercolors.

By the time it was Christmas, and I got my metal box of carandache pencils, I suddenly came to realize how much useful they were blended with the watercolors. And that began the current phase I'm on:
Let's play: Having Fun by HeadPhoneActress12Happy Birthday Machigerita!! by HeadPhoneActress12Bleach OC: Kurita Yui by HeadPhoneActress12HP Roleplay shenanigans by HeadPhoneActress12Stolen Kiss by HeadPhoneActress12My king by HeadPhoneActress12You always counted by HeadPhoneActress12Falling by HeadPhoneActress12Happy Birthday, Hirako Shinji!! by HeadPhoneActress12

And of course, let's not forget the EzioLeo fanart, also a huge part of my deviant art story


Happy birthday, Maestro!!! by HeadPhoneActress12A merry wedding by HeadPhoneActress12I'm drawn to you like a magnet by HeadPhoneActress12Under the bridge by HeadPhoneActress12

I know this may have sounded like a story about my art, or about my skills evolving and how other artists and random people have molded my path, but deviantart IS the place where I transmit what I like or not, what I find exciting at the moment. I can write fanfics, journals and comments, but I can only fully transmit what I love the most through art.

And if drawing the things I like is what I love the most, it doesn't matter the comments, nor the favorites.

What matters is the fact that I enjoy it, first and foremost. But you all, yes, you all helped me with just knowing that you like what I do, and just when I thought that it wasn't necessary, I realized that your support is also one of the most important things. It's not the number of you, but the support I get from my watchers.

Final thanks to:

My friends:


My inspirations:


And that was my dA story. Late, I know. But I wanted let you guys know how much you mean to me and how this journal wouldn't even be written without your constant support. Thank you everyone.

Actress out!Takane Enemoto (Touched) [V11] 

Pewds plays: inFamous Second Son by HeadPhoneActress12
Pewds plays: inFamous Second Son
So, Second Son won!!!:iconmanbabyplz: I was so happy I had to draw Pewds as Delsin because asdfghjkl he's actually playing the game:iconhandspazzplz:
I drew this traditionally, but then added the logo and the powers with deviantART muro ^^ It's not the first time I use it, but it's the first time I do something good out of it ;3; I don't get how the layers work...:iconimdoneplz:
But eventually, I made it!:iconlokismileplz: And I'm proud of myself!! ^^ Although I really want Pewds to notice it and put it in one of his videos...
Please reblog/like on tumblr so Pewds can notice it!! :D…
I hope you like it, my headphonies!! Actress out!!:iconpewdiebrofistplz:


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hey, everyone!! Nice to meet you all!
I am HeadphoneActress12, a regular fangirl that obsesses over animes, movies, tv series, books, video games and you tubers.
Often too prone to fall into a spazz of uncontrollable shipping, no matter the sexuality of them.
Loves many things with a fiery passion, hates few things with a fiery passion.
Constantly getting into new fandoms, but never forgetting AC and EzioLeo.
My OTPs:

EZIOLEO-I love Ezio by Coley-sXeEzio and Leo stamp by justdacatI Love Leonardo by Coley-sXe
Shiyori-Shinji x Hiyori stamp by atlantismonkeyShinji and Hiyori - Stamp by aries95a
Rumbelle- OUAT Rumbelle Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwlerRumpelstiltskin's Rose Stamp by foolishsunsetsRumpelstiltskin Catching Belle Stamp by foolishsunsets
Sherlolly-SH Molly Stamp by TwilightProwlerSherlolly stamp by WhispMI21
Tahorra-Tahno x Korra Stamp by SummerLovesPeaceTahno x Korra Stamp 2 by SummerLovesPeace

Be wary of spams of the ships above

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:iconyaoi-creed: :iconeomir: :iconsemi-forgottenheroes: :iconshinjixhiyori:


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