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Now, you guys have probably seen this drawing of mine: Assassin\'s Creed x Black Rock Shooter by HeadPhoneActress12
Well, if you didn't, please go check it out since it's my new fanfic and you can read the first two chapters in if you're interested:…
Here's a summary:
Ezio is a Languages student at Rome’s Public University, where he plays in the basketball club and spends time with his best friend, Yusuf Tazim. But when he meets Leonardo, a Fine Arts Student which has the same name as the renaissance genius, he gets immediately attached to him. Ezio does his best to get close to Leonardo, who just won't open up. Yusuf constantly mocks his friend's efforts, yet at the same time, supporting him. Ezio finds himself surrounded by other colourful characters on the grounds, like the eccentric counselor Cesare Borgia, or the hot-blooded coach of the basketball club, Caterina Sforza.
Then, one day, comes a chance. After Ezio discovers that Leonardo has his favourite book, ''The Little Bird'', they strike up a conversation and Ezio is invited to come to Leonardo's house. There, they gradually break the ice, until a young man in a wheelchair appears. This is Leonardo's childhood friend, Salai...

Meanwhile, in another world, a white-hooded man walks in a mysterious wasteland. It isn’t the world you know. His goal is to find the source of Ezio’s pain. But this hooded-man isn’t alone… With only two hidden blades, a sword and two hidden guns, he’ll have to fight countless battles against many enemies, which resemble accaintances of Ezio’s in the real world.

Two worlds, Ezio’s and the Assassino’s. This is the story of their ´´pain´´.
You may not have many knowledge about these two fandoms, so here are the characters you need to know about (only a bit, you don't have to read the whole fucking page XD Just to get a general idea) BTW, the first 6 people are the ones you need to memorize the original game version for the story:

Ezio…Ezio Auditore- AC Brotherhood by OneShotOneKil

Leonardo-…AC Nouveau - Leonardo by silvestrisLeonardo - AC Brotherhood by OneShotOneKil

Salai-… Yes he's a boy
Cesare Borgia-…  You already know his game version from my drawingsMy king by HeadPhoneActress12You're dangerous by HeadPhoneActress12 But here's the original full bodyCesare Borgia - AC Brotherhood by OneShotOneKil

Yusuf Tazim -…Yusuf by CavalierediSpadeYusuf Tazim by znak34 I need to draw him more ;-;…
Caterina Sforza-AC Brotherhood by OneShotOneKilACB: Caterina Sforza model by lips--like--morphine Caterina Sforza

As you can see, these six above are important, memorize their game version.
Maria Auditore-…
Claudia Auditore-…
Petruccio Auditore-…
BTW, when you open the fanfic, there's going to be a warning about it on the beggining, and please don't skip it. Well, at least on the first chapter because each chapter has the same fucking warning XD

If you're not interested, that's fine. But If you like AC, this maybe an interesting reading for you (Unless you don't like EzioLeo, even though there's barely stuff like that in this story)
If you have any questions about the story, which can be easily confusing, don't be afraid to ask me!

Just a quick reminder!! Actress Out!Seto Kousuke (Yo) [V4] 


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hello! Nice to meet you! I am Beatriz, a normal fangirl who loves mostly everything most people likes.
I like stuff like:
Naruto-stamp by kairiSparda - Narutard forever
Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows by st-stamps - Potterhead for life
He's A Pirate by azianwolfdoll - Savvy?
Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku - KH fan
Lord of the Rings stamp 3 by ChrysalisloverThe Fellowship of the Ring by Robiinding - Epicness BTW I love the fellowship of the ring
The Last Of Us Stamp by Bl0HAZ4RD - Best game EVER!!! A masterpiece!!
I love RPG Horror Games!
RPG Horror Game Love Stamp by vomitcuntLove For All RPG Themed Horrors by endlerIb Stamp by yumacchiFirst stamp: Ib by HariiboIb- Ib Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoOIb- Garry Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoOIb- Mary Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoOYume Nikki Stamp by Yiyo--ChanMadotsuki stamp by IgunenkoMadotsuki Stamp by Vix847Masada stamp for Kitsune by theMISSINGoneMasada-sensei Stamp by Vix847Poniko Stamp by Vix847Uboa Stamp by kukurahUboa by Shiro-RedfieldMonoko and Monoe Stamp by Vix847Misao game stamp by zeleftenantThe Crooked Man game stamp by zeleftenantMad Father game stamp by zeleftenantAya stamp by OoBloodyRavenoOMad Father- Aya Doll Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoODio Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO

Characters I absolutely adore:
No Touchy Kakashi Stamp by KandyPrower - KAKASHI EVERYWHERE
Crazy Sasori fangirl by RockRaven-LG - Puppets....
Shinji Stamp by DarknessMyrkurShinji Gangnam Style by kiwikuu- That epic blondie stylish guy
Another ulqui stamp by yomiko-san- Those EYES
dumbledore stamp by laur-star
Gandalf Stamp by Adraowen - Powerful wizards with long beards shine of AWESOMENESS!
Boromir stamp by purgatoriBoromir stamp 1 by Tatooine92 - DON'T. YOU. DARE. SAY ANYTHING. BAD ABOUT HIM.
Aragorn Stamp by Adraowen- Peter Jackson, where did you find such a handsome man??
Thorin Stamp by AdraowenI Love the Royal Family by Allendra3-The Heirs of Durin are bringing sexy back to the dwarfes
lupin stamp by laur-star - Best Werewolf Ever
Severus Snape Love Stamp by smileystamps - Except when he is unfair and cruel to Harry >:I
Roxas by Ellexon - Emo and Cool
Xion by Ellexon - Cute
Axel by Ellexon - Flaming sexy butt
PotC .Captain Jack Sparrow stamp by MariaPereira = Sexy and Funny PLUS JOHNNY DEPP RULES!
Barbossa Stamp 03 by Chanjar1 = Badass Mother Fucker
OUAT Rumplestiltskin Gasp Stamp by TwilightProwler - One does not simply say that Rumpelstilskin isn't awesome
Joel from the last of us by ArthokTM - If there was a Badass Nobel Prize, they should give it to Joel
Ellie from the last of us by ArthokTM -Adorably epic, though little girl
Wallace Wells Sauce Stamp by trout-fish...he just left. by RyanPhantom- The funniest homosexual I've ever seen XD
Video games by Cathines-Stamps...And get over it!!
PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler
My OTPs:
OUAT Rumbelle Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwlerRumpelstiltskin's Rose Stamp by foolishsunsets - RumBelle is too much for my little heart to handle:iconishipthemsohardplz:
ron and hermione stamp by laur-star ron and hermione stamp by laur-star ron and hermione stamp by laur-star - Ladies and gentlemen, TRUE LOVE
Lupin x Tonks - Stamp by WhisperedAgony - Rest in peace forever in my heart :(
Aragorn and Arwen Stamp by ur-guardian-angelStam Faramir Eowyn by Dulbella- Perfect pairings
KakaRin Stamp by SRKAddict- Screw ObiRin!
NH Stamp by AleSwan Again SasuSaku Stamp by Linkin-Lady ShikaTema Stamp by verauko- :D
PeinKona Stamp by AnimeFreak-27- They are so cute
Shinji and Hiyori - Stamp by aries95aShinji x Hiyori stamp by atlantismonkey - Two badass blondies forever:iconeeeeeplz:
Ichiruki stamp by aries95aichiruki icon by Katara925.:.Some Things Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx- Because they were meant to meet...
UlquiorraxOrihime fan stamp by Yukari-of-KonohaUlquiHime Stamp_request by merenny- You can't deny their cuteness
KH II SoKai Stamp by HeartlessKairi Little SoKai Stamp by HeartlessKairi RokuShi Stamp by HeartlessKairi - :3
GarryxIb Stamp by kurmariMonochrome by papuruikazuchiMad Father: Aya X Dio Stamp by wow1076 - :'D

Gay OTPs(this one's pretty recent)
The five and only yaoi pairings I like (I know I am ashamed) areee:
Free Hugs 2 Stamp by SpannedSoulEzioLeonardo Stamp by EdenPicturesEzio and Leo stamp by justdacat- Probably is my favourite
Fili and Kili Stamp by forstyy- Used to be a brOTP, but I've changed my mind
SasoDei Stamp by houkouookami- The first one I liked
And then there's Wallace and Jimmy , but I don't love them just as much as the ones above
Frodo-Sam Brothers - Stamp by Terrafan4242Merry and Pippin by Cathines-Stamps- Hobbit bromance is a great bromance
Two Brothers - Stamp by faror1- Real bromance
That Still Only Counts As One by Parabuteo78- They are so funny LOL
Thorin and Bilbo by clio-mokona- This fandom is probably the fandom with the most bromance I've ever seen

The few things I hate:
SCREW TWILIGHT! - Anti-Twilight Stamp by Foxxie-Chan Dreams Stamp by susieboo22 Lupin. Hands down. by Umeko-333
Hunting is not a sport to enjoy yourself! >:( - I HATE ANIMAL KILLERS stamp by luckylooke
I am a Bieber hater GIRL stamp by CherryBomb50
Anti Trolls Stamp by sonic2344 Go away Trolls by tRiBaLmArKiNgS Say No To Trolls Stamp by oOLadyLuckOo

Now about how this works:
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